Personal Writing

To Begin Your Creative Pursuit 


Regardless of the kind and size of your creative project, we'll help you get started. We personalize our services to inspire and shape your project at any stage. Word Distillery Writers offer ghostwriting on a case-by-case basis; please inquire when you request a quote. We specialize in developing and editing:

  • Nonfiction Writing (essays, newspaper/magazine articles, biographies, etc.) 

  • Personal Writing (blogs, memoirs, short stories, love letters, wedding vows, etc.)

  • Public Addresses (speeches, editorials, dedications, etc.)

For Finishing Your Work

If you already have a creative piece, we'll help you finalize it for publication or distribution. We'll provide edits and revision suggestions that are specific to the genre of your project. We specialize in revising and editing:

  • Short Pieces (essays, articles, letters, etc.)

  • Book Manuscripts (nonfiction books, academic books, etc.)

  • Digital Texts (websites, blogs, e-books, etc.)


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